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Style Collaboration

Customize your style

Work with Mabel & Main's Head of Merchandising & GIA Gemologist to design your dream style! You choose the name and offer it alongside our collection to millions of plus size brides as they shop the first and only plus size bridal ring retailer.

Featured Story

Share your story as a plus-size bride

Tell us your story! From the flowers to the accessories you wore on the big day, we want to hear about your journey as a plus size bride.

Opportunities to license your media are also available.

Brand Ambassador

Help get the word out

We're proud to put plus-size first in the Jewelry Industry, Help spread the word as part of our brand ambassador team (affiliate)!

Charitable Partners

Making an impact where it matters most

Making an impact in the body positivity space? Partner with Mabel & Main to help support your organization!

Brand Partnerships

Friends of Mabel & Main

Become a Friend of Mabel & Main, brand partners that focus on serving plus size couples first and not as an afterthought.

Placement opportunities on gets your brand in front of thousands of our plus size couples.

Sponsorships + Advertising

Paid Sponsorships are available alongside any of our collaboration programs listed above.

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What we believe

Say goodbye to custom fees, deposits, and "special" sizing policies - at Mabel & Main, no bride will be charged extra for her size. Our online, direct to couples, approach eliminates wholesalers, inventory costs and retail store markups which drive up prices – making our styles size & price-inclusive.