Enjoy Curves

The Enjoy Curves Collection was inspired by Joy Moreland of @enjoycurves. This set combines several of Joy's must-have features in an accessory - bold, elegant, versatile, and a piece to magnify and light up the woman wearing it. A collection as unique and spunky as the woman who inspired it.

The Enjoy Curves Collection

Versality was important to Joy, so we created a bridal ring set with an engagement ring that could also be worn as a fashion ring on any finger. The center, consisting of a 1 ¼ carat, GIA certified emerald cut diamond flanked by two baguette diamonds on each side, the engagement ring exudes elegance and strength.


For those wanting to wear the Enjoy Curves collection as a plus size bridal ring set, we have created two options to go with the engagement ring. The first being a contoured single ladies band with baguette diamonds in a channel setting. The second option for those wanting an even bolder look includes the engagement ring with a double ladies band insert for a perfectly symmetrical, full design. 

Second-grade teacher by day, talk show host, body positive influencer by night, you are not likely to see Joy not inspiring or lifting up those around her. Her light-hearted talk show, Coffee with Joy, is full of surprises and always has talented and motivating guests from actors to stylists to health advocates to entrepreneurs. It was a joy (pun intended!) to get to know the woman behind all of these amazing achievements and we are honored to have been able to work with her on this collection.