5 Body Positive Celebrity Influencers That Are Doing it Right

Posted by Kelsey Forrest on May 11th 2022

5 Body Positive Celebrity Influencers That Are Doing it Right

Although the world is becoming more and more inclusive every day, we still have a long way to go. That’s why individuals in the public eye can have such an impact on their fans and followers, for better or worse. When a young girl sees a confident, successful woman celebrity who shares the little girl’s skin color or has the same curves, it promotes confidence in that girl for just being who she is. When a young boy sees their favorite athlete or popstar wearing nail polish or sharing their more vulnerable side, it let’s that boy know that it’s okay to do the same.

Check out these five celebrity influencers that are doing body positivity right for their fans:

Chrissy Metz

It all started with a post featuring actress Chrissy Metz. She made the news when she began to appear on the forthcoming TV show, "This Is Us." Most people started focusing on one thing; she looked heavier than usual. Metz ended up defending herself in a manner that was both classy and dramatic at the same time.

Her fans took this as an opportunity to spread body positivity around the globe, which transformed the entire situation from negative to positive. Chrissy has continued to be a beacon for body positivity and in an interview with Brian Underwood from Oprah Daily, she tells her fans, "Beauty is an inside job. If you don't feel good about yourself, it doesn't shine through."

Lizzo is a flute-playing, twerking, body-positive rapper from Houston, Texas, making waves in the music industry since 2013. The singer-songwriter is known for her songs "Good as Hell" and "Truth Hurts" among other chart toppers.

Being a plus-size woman, she is not shy to wear bridal-looking gowns on stage or miniskirts and cute tops in her daily life and has even been known to start a fashion trend or two. People get to know Lizzo by looking at her very candid Instagram account (2.2 million followers), frequent fan meet-and-greets, collaborations with all kinds of brands, and her participation in many projects and events around the world.

"I'm all about body positivity and self-love because I believe that we can save the world if we first save ourselves."

Ashley Graham

Ashley is an American fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur who served as a plus-size fashion model for Ford Models. As one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2019, Tyra Banks describes Ashley saying, “Every Graham of her body embraces anyone who ever doubted themselves.”

After appearing nude in a print advertisement for Swimsuits for All, she gained more prominence and became the first plus-size model to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016. She was also one of the highest paid models of 2019.

Ashley Graham is making a name for herself with her candidness about body positivity and proving that being plus size doesn't mean having to miss out on some of life’s biggest milestones, such as the wedding of your dreams. In 2021, Ashley and her husband, Justin Ervin, welcomed twins into the world and she has continued to promote body positivity and the natural beauty of motherhood with her openness to discuss and showcase breast feeding and a post-pregnancy body.

Danielle Brooks

The last body positivity celeb on our list is Danielle Brooks. She is a body positivity activist and a beauty influencer born on July 21, 1990, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Danielle's childhood was characterized by being overweight and not having much self-esteem due to the lack of racial diversity in her predominantly white neighborhood.

In 2011, she went to New York University (NYU) to act. Her experience being on the big stage has helped her find value in herself more than anyone ever did. Danielle is now a model who wants other girls to feel confident enough to be themselves - regardless of what society dictates should be considered "beautiful".

Her Instagram is filled with body positivity and encouraging content that encourages her fans that simply being them is what makes them beautiful.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan has become one of the most popular and influential voices in plus-size fashion and body positivity. With 4.2 million Instagram followers and over 500k Twitter followers, Vidya's social media accounts have grown into powerful influencers for better body image and self-love.

Known for her charming and flawless screen time, she is a renowned Indian actress. Acting has helped her win multiple awards such as Filmfare best actress in 2014, screen award and best female debut.

For World Health Day in 2021, Vidya encouraged her followers to view their weight as part of their health, not as their identity. You weight is not equivalent to your health or happiness.

We should all be body positive. That means that we should see the beauty in ourselves and others. That we can love our bodies as they are. Celebrities and people in the public eye have a platform that reaches millions of people every day and their influence and encouragement can go a long way in creating a world that is more inclusive and loving, regardless of how a person looks. It’s all about self-love and doing what makes you happy and living your best life.

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Edited by Kelsey Forrest