A Hunt for Large Men’s Wedding Rings Has a Happy Ending

Posted by Kelsey Forrest on Sep 14th 2021

A Hunt for Large Men’s Wedding Rings Has a Happy Ending

When Ciera and her husband, Frank, walked into their third jewelry store of the day, they were tired, frustrated, and losing hope of ever finding a jeweler that offeredlarge men’s wedding rings that would fit Frank’s plus size hands. They had been searching for weeks and had no idea that it would be so difficult to even get him sized, let alone a ring big enough for him. At each stop on their journey, they found the sales associates unwilling or unable to size him, only having ring sizers that went up to size 14. They would instead make promises to the couple to see what they could do and to give them a call. Frank and Ciera didn’t receive a single follow-up phone call.

It was clear after ten minutes of talking to the saleswoman at this final stop of the day that they weren’t having any luck here, either, so they left, feeling disappointed all over again.

Getting Sized for Large Men’s Wedding Rings

It wasn’t until a little while later that Frank was able to eventually get sized, thanks to a vendor at a gun show (of all places!) where he learned he was a size 17 men’s ring. With size in hand, the hunt for a quality ring to represent their marriage could begin.

Frank and Ciera’s story is all too common for plus size couples trying to work with the jewelry industry. With jewelers only carrying sizes up to nine or ten, those with larger sized fingers are given very few options. When jewelers are willing to work with a plus size bride or groom, they must often charge “customization” fees just to size the ring up, even though it might be one of their standard styles.

A Happy Ending with Full Brilliance

After some internet searching where she could only find size 17 men’s rings on Amazon or in silicone but none from fine jewelers, Ciera discovered our sister brand, My Trio Rings. It was there that she found the Full Brilliance Collection, the first ever line of plus size rings, including large men’s wedding rings. After browsing the styles, she fell in love with the Hudson Men’s Wedding Band. With standard sizes going up to 20, Frank’s size 17 was finally the least of their concerns. Deciding she wanted to surprise Frank with a gold wedding ring, she placed the order herself for her husband-to-be. At the time of our call, Ciera was trying to stand away from Frank so that he couldn’t hear about the surprise. Needless to say, we were excited to be in on it!

Ciera and Frank’s story is just one of many that we continued to hear from couples shopping My Trio Rings Full Brilliance Collection. It was these stories that spurred us into action to create more than just a single collection for plus size rings. Thus, Mabel & Main was born, a jewelry brand that could focus exclusively on the needs and wants of plus size couples seeking the perfect rings to symbolize their marriage.

Moving Forward in Plus Size Rings

Our designers at Mabel & Main continue to gather plus size couples’ stories and feedback to keep improving our styles and shopping experience. We worked with manufacturers of ring sizers to design the first plus size ring sizer that goes up to a size 24 to avoid more disheartening stories like Frank and Ciera’s. You can order one of our XL ring sizers today, free of charge, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. No frustration or gun show vendor required!  

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Written by Kelsey Forrest